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Wordless, don't waste words on wordpress!


Welcome to the developer documentation for Wordless. It is a WordPress plugin which makes you create themes using the power of HAML, SASS/SCSS, COMPASS, and CoffeScript, drastically speeding up your development time!

Please refer to the online documentation for more details and instructions.

Defined groups in Wordless documentation

Some groups are defined to collect informations about specific use classes or functions:

Defined command for Wordless documentation

You can use some Doxygen commands create only for wordless:

Doxygen documentation

To know how to use Doxygen Documentation system please check the Doxygen Manual.

To search through all the commands available in Doxygen, please see the Doxygen Command List.

More about Wordless

See also
GitHub project page https://github.com/welaika/wordless
Bugs at https://github.com/welaika/wordless/issues